Does Low-Fat Mean No Calories?

FDA Label Low Fat

No, it doesn't. While it is true that a serving a low-fat or fat-free food may be lower in calories than a serving of the full-fat product, this is often not the case. When food companies remove fat from a food, they frequently add sugar (or a sugar substitute such as high fructose corn syrup), salt and/or flour to make up for the flavor that is lost with the removal of the fat. These additional components may even cause a low fat food item to contain more calories than a full-fat food item.

There are two important points to keep in mind when buying food at a supermarket. To start with, check the nutrition label carefully. Note the serving size and number of servings in the package to determine just how many calories you will be eating. Ideally, a food should not just have a low calorie count but also be low in sodium and sugar content as well.

A person who is trying to lose weight should also remember that not all fats are bad. Mono-saturated fat, for instance, will leave you feeling full and enable you to resist the temptation to snack on junk foods in-between meals. Healthy foods that contain this type of fat include salmon, avocados and nuts. As long as you do not overindulge in these foods, you can safely include them in your diet plan.

While low-fat foods are popular with dieters the world over, they are not necessarily the best option for a person who wants to lose weight. It is important to check the label carefully to ensure that the food item in question contains fewer calories (and less sugar and sodium) than the full-fat option. Doing so will help you purchase healthy foods that help you shed pounds rather than putting on more.


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