Benefits of Eating Raw Vegetables

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To avoid eating the vegetables your parents piled onto your plate when you were a child, you slyly hid them in your napkin. Since launching a healthy eating plan in order to lose weight, you’ve embraced this vital food group you once shunned. However, you often struggle with a common question. Should you or shouldn’t you cook your veggies before consuming them. If you can relate to this scenario, consider the following three benefits of eating raw vegetables.

Promotes Weight Loss

Vegetables are packed with fiber to help you feel full longer. Besides boasting fiber, veggies contain little energy density. Therefore, a gram of vegetables consists of very few calories. Because of their higher water content, raw vegetables are less energy dense than cooked ones.

Contains Higher Vitamin Levels 

Raw veggies contain higher levels of certain types of vitamins than cooked ones. For instance, both vitamin A and vitamin C are heat sensitive. So, if you cook foods such as broccoli or spinach over high temperatures for lengthy periods of time, you’ll likely destroy valuable vitamins. Some nutrients, including vitamin C and folate, are also water-soluble. When cooking veggies in water, these nutrients will seep into it.

Decreases Blood Pressure Numbers

If left unchecked, elevated blood pressure levels can lead to a host of serious, medical problems such as:

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Kidney damage 

study conducted by researchers from Imperial College in London suggests eating raw vegetables lowers blood pressure numbers more effectively than consuming cooked ones.

Undoubtedly, eating some vegetables raw is advantageous. However, cooking certain types of veggies actually improves their nutritional value. For example, tomatoes contain the health benefiting nutrient lycopene. Your body more readily absorbs Lycopene when you eat cooked tomatoes. Likewise, cooked pumpkins and carrots are believed to contain higher levels of beta-carotene than raw ones. If you need help determining what types of vegetables to eat raw and what kinds of veggies to consume cooked, consider scheduling a free consultation with a representative at a Metabolic Research Center near you.


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