Do You Crave Popcorn Before You Get to the Theater?

fresh popcorn

This urge most likely comes from your childhood memories. Sometimes thinking of a particular setting can trigger your senses. You remember the smell of fresh popcorn as it bubbles out of the machine and your mind responds, much like the sensation of a sour taste after watching someone bite into a lemon.

Your memory can play a major role in sudden food cravings. You know you enjoyed the food (pleasure) before, so you anticipate the outcome (satisfaction). Although popcorn can be a filling treat when you're on a diet, try to limit the amount of concession popcorn that you consume. It's cooked in oil and not the microwave, and say no to the buttery topping.. it's not real butter.

If you think back to your childhood, you can likely conjure up many food memories that you associate with pleasure and satisfaction. What about the chili dogs that you ate when you went to a ball game. Chances are you can taste them before you ever get to stadium parking lot.

Unfortunately, emotionally-based eating habits tend to follow us for the rest of our lives. Generally speaking, the same principles apply to all those delicacies that you call "comfort foods". Just seeing, smelling or thinking about them can cause a false sense of hunger and you begin to crave the pleasure and satisfaction that you know they can deliver.

So how many food items do you have to make off-limits when you begin your weight loss program. Research suggests that creating a list of "forbidden foods" can actually intensify your cravings. The best bet is to develop the self-discipline to limit consumption of certain foods. After all, if your plans include losing weight, you should also make plans for keeping it off. For example, have small bag of popcorn without the buttery topping, have one slice of pizza not half of the pie and limit yourself to one chili dog not three. To learn more about the last weight loss plan you'll ever need, contact Metabolic Research Center.


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