Top Benefits of Your Own Garden

Father and Son Working in Home Garden

Food is one of our most crucial and basic necessities, and it shouldn’t be a hard thing to come by. The sad fact is, finding food that hasn’t been genetically modified, sprayed with chemicals, or packed with unhealthy fillers is virtually impossible in this day and age. Besides some farmers markets and all natural food stores, one of the only options for really knowing the safety of what you consume is to actually grow it yourself.

Thankfully, growing your own vegetables and herbs can actually be rewarding on many levels. First, there is always a deep sense of satisfaction whenever we are able to enjoy the fruit of our labor. Anything we spend time and effort on and then get to enjoy is refreshing in this instant-gratification culture. Working a garden can also be very therapeutic. Put on some music, or your favorite audio book, and let the cares of the day fade away as your fingers work the soil, pull out pesky weeds, or you touch the little green shoots that are just beginning to show.

Gardening is also a valuable experience for children. Not only do they get to see how hard work can pay off, they also get quality time with their family, and knowledge of where food actually comes from. Sadly, these days many children think all food just comes from a grocery store shelf.

But, probably the best benefit of growing your own food is the health benefit. Pesticides, GMOs and unnatural fillers are steadily chipping away at your health every time you buy processed foods, and most of the time you eat out at restaurants. You have no way of knowing what ingredients they’re adding back in the kitchen. There are vegetables that grow better in each season of the year, so it’s just a matter of finding which ones you love to eat and what time of year to plant them.

You can start a garden in your yard, or build a little balcony garden with planters or containers. These are just a few of the biggest benefits of having your own garden, but chances are you’ll discover many more.


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