Grocery Shopping Practical Guide for Herbs, Sprouts and Fish

Broccoli Bean Sprouts

Keeping fresh, whole foods in the house is perhaps the biggest challenge in lifestyle changes.  There are a few tactics that can help make cooking fresh easier.

Growing herbs in the house can help with the perishable produce issue because it is both less expensive and awfully convenient to pinch off what is needed from the pot on the window sill when it is needed. Fresh herbs add something to everyday food that is fresh and complex, and can change a plain chicken breast to something gorgeous. Herbs are also good additions to salads, smoothies, and teas, adding flavor and interest. 

Sprouts are another way to keep food in the house.  It is easy to sprout one's own, but there are a number of different types of sprouts, each with its own flavor and texture.  People who are familiar with Asian food know “bean sprouts”, more accurately mung bean sprouts, which can be bought in a large bag at Asian markets for a couple of dollars. 

Korean food aficionados are also, whether they realize it or not, familiar with soybean sprouts, as these are often the “sprouts” that are fashioned into the “sides” of this cuisine.  Other sprouts, most often used on sandwiches and in salads, have a finer texture.  Among these varieties are broccoli, alfalfa, and radish sprouts.  Lentil sprouts are also easy to achieve.  Wheatgrass, similarly, can be “sprouted”, grown in soil or hydroponically on the countertop and snipped when needed. 

Other than these options, people who wish to truly improve their diets and commit to the lifestyle change will simply have to commit to doing the necessary grocery shopping.  For things like salad and fresh fish, and the more delicate berries and fruits, it is simply necessary to eat them within a day or two of purchase.  There are a few solutions for fish, as it can be purchased canned, smoked, and salted, and each of these has their uses, but getting fish in to the diet at least twice a week should include at least one serving of fresh fish.  


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