Child's Play Can Be Great Exercise

Parents at Playground Playing with Kids

Believe it or not, there are people who really don't like to exercise. The fact is, exercise can be fun and it can be a family activity. Women, who start exercising while they are pregnant, don't have to stop once the baby is born. There are times when exercising with a child can actually be beneficial for both. It can actually create a lifestyle habit that will serve them well as they grow up and have their own kids.

Quality Time with the Kids

If you don't like traditional forms of exercise, experiment. Try Pilates or yoga. Teach your kids to stretch properly and breathe through the exercises. When the kids are small enough to be held, use them as a weight. Lift them up or let them sit on your back while you do pushups. As they get older, practice different sports with them. Have mini baseball or basketball games. The easiest way to get them outside and moving is make a firm that there is no "electronics time" until they spend 30 minutes outside doing something constructive. It can be fun if you spend that time with them and get them to engage in some good, old-fashioned child's play.

Don't Waste Another Minute

When you're sitting at the ballpark and don't have anything to do but wait. Climb the bleachers. Walk around the block. Walk around the perimeter of the playing field. Raising kids can be hectic as they get older and begin to participate in various activities. Just because they are busy, doesn't mean you have to spend your time idle. Look for different activities. Even if you are inside of a building, there has got to be some physical activity you can do while you are waiting.


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