Working Off Your Favorite Foods

Calorie Burn by Food

Even the most dedicated of dieters can fall victim to a craving now and then. But at what cost? Before you cave in to your fatty food hankering, consider just what you'll have to do to work off all those extra calories.

That glazed donut you ate at breakfast? That'll set back 88 minutes of crunches. And it'll take 170 minutes of Pilates to undo the caloric damage done by that 16-ounce, 500-calorie Frappuccino you downed on your way to your client meeting.

To help keep you on a healthy, weight loss-friendly track, bookmark this blog as a handy reminder. The top 10  favorite food treats will remind you of the work it'll take to undo the damage they can do to your diet. Then, dial 800-501-8090 and talk with a weight loss specialist at Metabolic Research Center who can offer one-on-one nutrition and exercise guidance.



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