Stop Mindless Snacking to Lose Weight

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Mindless snacking is our number one saboteur of weight loss. Whether sitting in front of the television or continuing to nibble on leftovers long after dinner is over, our snacking habits can amount to several extra hundred calories consumed each day. Many times the snack foods we choose are packaged foods that are high in undesirable additives, sugar, and sodium, which compound our snacking problem. These types of foods can raise bad cholesterol in the blood and can lead to a greater risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Healthy Alternatives to Mindless Snacking

If much of our mindless eating comes from emotional stress or simple boredom, taking a head-on approach to these problems will help you avoid the excess calories that come from snacking.

  1. Engage in an activity you enjoy and beat the boredom. Reading, going out to a movie, taking a stroll with a friend, or walking your dog is a great ways to engage your mind and entertain yourself.
  2. If you are feeling emotional, call a good friend or family member and talk it out. Telling another person how you are feeling can help relieve feelings of isolation and sadness.
  3. Find ways to de-stress. Yoga and other mindfulness exercises are wonderful ways to let the stress of the day go and achieve balance between your mind and body.

Whenever you feel like snacking, stop and gauge whether or not you are really, truly hungry. If you determine that you are truly hungry, reach for a satisfying whole food such as some ripe pineapple with cottage cheese or a few nuts alongside some Greek yogurt instead of a packaged, processed food.


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