Five Reasons Yogurt is a Weight Loss Super Snack

Person Eating Yogurt

Americans spent $7.3 billion dollars on yogurt in 2013, and that figure is expected to rise to 9.3 by 2017. It's no wonder when you consider the health and weight loss benefits associated with this enduringly popular snack. Here are five great reasons to add yogurt to your daily diet today.

  1. It can help you weight loss: In one recent University of Tennessee, Knoxville study, participants who ate 18 ounces of yogurt each day lost 22 percent more weight and 81 percent more belly fat, plus retained one-third more lean muscle mass than dieters who didn't eat yogurt.
  2. It's calcium-rich: Calcium can boost your metabolism, which is a key factor in weight loss. One National Dairy Council-funded study showed that participants who ate a high-calcium, low-fat diet reported a 42-percent fat loss, while participants who ate a low-fat diet that lacked calcium experienced only an eight-percent fat loss.
  3. It's protein-rich: Getting plenty of protein helps to keep you feeling full and less likely to overeat or snack throughout the day. Of course, different types and brands of yogurt can have very different protein contents. For example,Greek yogurt, which is strained for additional thickness, has up to 20 grams of protein per container, while traditional yogurt may have as few as five grams. If you're looking to lose weight, choose a yogurt that's low in calories, fat and sugar that has at least 10 grams of protein per serving.
  4. It helps your body recover post-workout: After a strenuous workout, yogurt can help your body recover quickly. Protein provides the amino acids that your muscles need to repair themselves and the healthy carbohydrates that replace your muscles' depleted energy stores.
  5. It's packed with vitamins: A single serving of yogurt provides significant amounts of beneficial nutrients including potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, and vitamins B5 and B12, which maintains red blood cells and helps keep your nervous system functioning properly.

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