The Raw Until 4 Vegan Diet

Row of Forks with Raw Vegetables

An interesting trend has come out of the vegan world recently that has merit for those who are seeking lifestyle change.  While there are many types of vegans and both healthy and unhealthy vegans, the trend that is surfacing is a way to embrace the more die-hard “raw” veganism in combination with a less-exacting version, in order to maintain the lifestyle long-term. 

Veganism is a type of vegetarianism that does not allow for the consumption of any type of animal product, including eggs, or fish.  There are several different types of vegan diets.  Raw is one of these types.  Raw vegan diets involve never bringing their food above 115 degrees, as they wish to have completely unprocessed diets with all the enzymes and nutrients of the foods intact. 

Many raw vegans have difficulty balancing their diet, and getting used to eating cold food even in the winter.  The raw until four diet helps to counter some of that problem, allowing foods to be cooked, which makes a greater variety of vegetables, particularly beans and rice, available for them to eat.  In essence, the raw until four diet is just that, the raw diet, mostly fruits and vegetables, uncooked, are consumed until 4pm, when cooked food is allowed.  This diet acknowledges the satisfaction and comfort that are part of hot food, particularly when it is cold outside, and allows for this emotional and behavioral component so that its devotees can reap the benefits of both styles of veganism.   

While veganism is certainly not for everyone, this acknowledgment of food behavior is significant, as are the food techniques and recipes that vegans have developed in order to maintain their lifestyle.  It adds a whole spectrum of recipes, flavors, and textures, that aren't commonly found outside of the lifestyle.


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