Is Kefir More Powerful than Yogurt?

Wooden Spoon with Kefir Grains

While both yogurt and kefir are both healthy foods, many people are discovering that kefir is in many ways better for you than regular yogurt. Following is a comparison of these two foods for your consideration.

Kefir vs. Yogurt

Kefir and yogurt are lactose-free, which means that you can eat either one even if you are allergic to milk. Both foods have a similar carbohydrate count although kefir is said to be slightly less fattening. However, you can tell the real difference between these two foods when you begin comparing nutrients. Yogurt has anywhere from seven to ten types of bacteria. Homemade kefir, on the other hand, has over fifty. The many varieties of microorganisms make kefir a far better source of probiotics than yogurt. Furthermore, kefir has a lot of good yeast that kill pathogens typically found in the gut and digestive system. They also strengthen these parts of your body to make it harder for germs and parasites to cause damage. Regular yogurt does not contain any probiotic yeast.

Kefir Is Easy to Make at Home

As an added bonus, it is far easier to make kefir at home than it is to make homemade yogurt. Furthermore, kefir can be used in a host of dishes, including baked dishes, frozen treats, salad dressings and Cold Russian Soup.

Both yogurt and kefir are healthy foods that you should feel free to enjoy in moderation. Even so, individuals who have digestive problems or who simply want to give their digestive system a healthy boost should be sure to try out kefir and take advantage of all that it has to offer. It is safe for young and old alike and can be prepared in a variety of ways. You can either make your own kefir at home or buy kefir at a local health food store.


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