Is Diabetes Caused by a Bad Diet?

Highlighting Definition of Diabetes

Diabetes is a health condition that is caused by the body's inability to either produce sufficient amounts of insulin or to recognize and use the insulin that is produced. This causes a person's blood sugar levels to go out of control. A person's blood sugar must be maintained within certain limits or the body will go into shock or a coma. A person's diet is just one way to help control and maintain sufficient blood sugar levels. It is important to remember, however, that diabetes is an illness. Diet may affect it greatly, but it does not cause it nor will it cure it.

A person who eats a poor diet sets themselves up for several risks, including obesity and various types of heart disease. The heavier a person is, the harder it is to control their blood sugar levels. If a person's diet is suspected of contributing to the severity of a person's diabetes, altering their diet to include healthier, more natural foods may be one way of helping to bring the condition back under control. Shedding excess pounds makes it easier for the body to function and will allow blood sugar levels to be utilized to a higher advantage.

Making positive lifestyle changes to the diet and a person's level of activity can help to control diabetes. For some people, it may be all that is needed to help keep blood sugar levels within healthy limits. Other people who have a variety of health problems, may need more help than just a few positive changes of habit. Monitoring blood cholesterol, getting sufficient amounts of sleep and adding an insulin therapy program may also be needed.


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