How to Avoid the Perils of Halloween

Banana and Tangerine Halloween Treats


Halloween is pretty much the kick-off to the holiday season. Once it arrives, the momentum only builds. If you have decided to trade in candy and treats for a healthy, fit lifestyle — congratulations.

It's much easier to stay on track during the spring and summer months. You are likely to be more active, and it's just easier to eat light, with lots of fresh produce available. Then comes Halloween, with its candy and treats, which often coincides with cooler weather and the urge to head indoors and feast on fall-themed comfort foods. Then there's the parties, office bowls of candy and the actual event itself. Perhaps you feel the need to quality check your kid's candy haul, to ensure it is safe for your youngsters.

Keep Yourself On Track

It's not always easy to adhere to a healthy eating plan when you are surrounded by candy and treats, but it's doable! Remember, when you give into temptation once, it can completely derail you. Here are some tips for avoiding the candy bowl:

  • Avoiding is always good. If you can avoid candy, do it.
  • Don't go to a Halloween party hungry or thirsty. Fill up before you go!
  • If you buy bagged candy for trick-or-treaters, buy the stuff you don't like.
  • Let people know you are eating healthy.
  • Have fun concocting healthy sweet treats for yourself and those you love. There are ways to satisfy a sweet tooth without filling up on junk.
  • Remember why you are avoiding unhealthy candy and foods. You want to feel and look your best.

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