Easy Ways to Add More Flavor to Your Bowl

Woman Tasting Soup on Stove

Soups are a convenient way to eat healthy, any time of year. Soups can be simple, but doing it right does take time. One issue that many people run into with homemade soups is flavor. The soup may taste bland or boring if you don't use the right ingredients, or if you rush it.

The Secret Is In The Stock

The base of the soup is the stock. A good stock adds flavor and richness. Stock can be made from meat bones or vegetables. If you roast a chicken, you can use the carcass to create a healthy, nutrient-rich stock to form a base for future soups. Take the carcass and place it in a large pot. Cover it with water and bring to a boil. After this, cover and simmer. This is a process of reducing the liquid until you have a good stock. You can flavor it with salt, pepper and other seasonings and herbs.

While this process is a little time-consuming, it will give you the best results for your soups. And, it can be frozen and stored. Some people even put the stock in ice cube trays for easy to manage and measure portions to be used later on.

You can also create a vegetable stock if you prefer a non-meat alternative. You'll want to use flavorful veggies, and make sure you use lots of them, so that your stock will be rich. Don't skimp on the spices. 

Once you have a good base for your soup, you can get creative with ingredients and combinations to come up with healthy soups that are satisfying and taste great!

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