Break the Drive-thru Habit With Planning

Line at Fast Food Drive Thru

There’s a delicious irony in people like NBA superstar LeBron James shilling for a fast food company. This past summer, the former NBA Most Valuable Player gave up carbs, sugar and dairy and lost 67 pounds. He also gave up on his endorsement deal golden arches restaurant (signing with a gourmet pizza restaurant chain in which he’s a major investor).

LeBron James’ livelihood depends on him being in top physical condition. He saw that the processed foods offered by the fast food, drive-thru culture was not serving his best interests. Since you aren’t a professional athlete, you may not want to take the extreme measures James took over the summer; however, you could learn from his abandoning fast food.

Fast food is just a convenience

It’s difficult to give up the drive-thru completely. Our schedules are packed, our roads are clogged, our kids need to go to piano lessons. Time is at a premium, and fast food restaurants offer the promise of saving us time. We think we mitigate the damage – we all know the statistics on these restaurants – by ordering their low-calorie menu. While some fast food spots offer sandwiches that keep calories and sodium low and protein high, many items still have relatively high levels of saturated fats.

Tips for avoiding fast food

  • Fight the convenience factor with solid planning.
  • Have ready an armful of quick and easy healthy recipes.
  • Travel with a healthy snack like nuts and bottle of water to stave off hunger in between meals.
  • Rather than make a late-night run to a fast food joint, make a sandwich at home using the best quality whole food ingredients you have. Include lean meat and fresh vegetables. Skip the mayonnaise.

Fast food companies create cravings in our population through marketing, product placement in our favorite programs and by playing to our sense of nostalgia for the childhood years when our parents fed us burgers and fries. If you’ve eaten well throughout the day and have satisfied your nutritional requirements with real food, the fast food siren calls won’t affect you.



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