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Ready for the body you have always dreamed about? The Metabolic Research Center has invested in excess of three decades of research into our program. This helps us to provide a weight loss plan that can amplify your success. We will guide you through our "Weight Loss Greenville" menus to eat real foods in a way that fuels your body. MRC will educate you as to how dealing with emotional triggers can stand in the way of your goals and help you lose the weight you want. Our supportive staff will teach you how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. If you've tried other plans to lose weight but failed to keep the weight off, our experienced specialists can explain why your efforts were likely doomed from the beginning. Successful weight loss lies in the blending of balanced menus, professional weight loss consulting, and the right nutraceuticals to boost your metabolism. Our menu plans include a healing balance of meats and other proteins, the right fats, fiber and good carbohydrates. You will feel sated and in full control of your diet, making losing weight safe and effective. Metabolic's "Weight Loss Greenville" menus will be a piece of cake to follow. You'll eat fresh, healthy foods that you find at your local food store or eat when dining out with family or friends. Best of all, there are no pre-packaged meals, no counting calories and there's no guessing about what to eat. By eating nutrient-rich foods, you won't have to starve to drop inches and MRC will keep you on track until your ideal weight is reached.

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Metabolic Research Center in Greenville, SC

Almost 13 lbs down and just about 4 inches off my belly in a little more than a month. I'm fitting into clothes I haven't worn in years.

— Kevin Howard

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