Tips for Starting Out Low Carbohydrate

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Changing from habitual dietary habits to any other type of diet is not easy.  Low carbohydrate diets are no exception, and take some real getting used to, particularly in the beginning.  There are a few things that might make the process a little easier, or at least a little more fool-proof.

First of all, sleep.  Make sure that enough sleep is happening, and if there is a problem such as sleep apnea making sleep difficult, get it taken care of.  Weight loss will help this as a matter of course, but a C-pap may change a dieter's entire life and outlook.  This point has cascading benefits that echo through the other tips.

Soda is the big pitfall for so many dieters.  Sugary drinks are a big problem for many people, and are a tough thing to kick, and soda is number one on the sugary drink list, being heavily sweetened and empty of nutritional value.  Water is the obvious choice of replacement, but this is a tough sell for many.  Tea is the next best thing, offering a wide range of choices including black teas, oolongs, green teas, and herbal teas or tisanes.  These can even be added to smoothies for extra flavor. 

Going hungry is the next pitfall.  Hunger is not necessary for weight loss.  Cutting down the calories as a method doesn't work either.  Changing the components of what is being eaten has nothing to do with deprivation.  In fact, doing the planning and shopping necessary to have enough of the right things to eat is central to the whole process.  Rethink hunger and figure out what should be in the fridge and eat the right foods, not less food.

Eat some fat.  Choose healthy fats.  It helps to keep diets nutritionally sound, and it helps to trigger the satiety buttons in the GI tract.

Make sure there is lots of variety in the diet.  Boredom is a diet killer.  Stay away from low carb junk food.  The idea is to change habits, not continue the bad habits with slightly less bad habits.  Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, the fresh food areas and stay away from the cookie and cracker aisles.  


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