Outdoor Fall Activities to Replace Indoor Exercise

Woman Raking Fall Leaves

During the summer months people tend to spend their exercise time outside walking, running or participating in a variety of different athletic activities. Those who don't participate in sports often find it relaxing to do their Pilates or yoga exercises outside in the fresh air. As fall approaches many people begin to transition from outdoor activities to indoor exercise routines.

Fall is actually one of the best times for outdoor exercise. Cooler temperatures mean the body works harder to stay warm. It also means there is less chance of overheating during strenuous exercise. During the fall months, the air is crisper and the colors that accompany the changing of the season can create a relaxing atmosphere where stress melts away and worries are left in the breeze. Exercising outside during this time is not only good for the body, but the mind as well.

There are several fall activities that can be substituted for regular exercise if a normal routine becomes boring. Raking leaves and clearing the trees of lawn and debris can make for a heavy workout if the area is large enough. Lawn work in itself, can provide an excellent workout. Throw in some home repairs, painting and trash removal and the exercise will eventually take care of itself.

Another excellent way to get exercise in the fall is to go on fall hiking tours. Many state parks open their trails to hikers and cyclists who want to enjoy the seasonal changing of the colors first hand. Go as a group or alone. Either way hiking trails that offer different degrees of difficulty is better than any time spent on a treadmill.


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