Don't Be Fooled by Deceptive Food Package Claims

Food Package Labels

Have you seen these Buzz Words used on the food products you buy?

"A healthy choice for your family"

"Made natural ingredients"

"May reduce risk of heart disease"

Printed in bold, bright lettering on a contrasting background, these claims are the first to grab your attention and give a product precedence over an equal product that doesn't use these words. As good as it may feel to choose the natural product, beware that these claims are very loosely regulated by the FDA.

"Natural" means no synthetic or artificial ingredients. The natural fruit cocktail that you buy could be made from genetically modified fruits and contain corn syrup as the sweetener. "Healthy" only means that it must stay within their guidelines for certain nutrient amounts. Even packaged fruit snacks which contain fruit juice may contain obscene amounts of sugar, plus food coloring and preservatives can be "healthy."

Calorie Counts Aren't Set in Stone

Many dieters lose hope when, despite counting every single calorie in their favorite app, they aren't losing any weight. While calorie counting isn't the end-all, be-all of weight loss, if you're eating processed foods and using the calorie counts on the package, you could be consuming as much as 20% more calories than you think.

This is because the FDA allows a 20% margin of error for calorie counts. So your 500-calorie frozen meal could really contain upwards of 600 calories. If you're eating one of these for lunch at work every day, you could gain nearly a pound a month due to this margin of error.

Food for One...or Two?

You probably realize that your 20-ounce soft drink is more than two servings, but what about all of those other individual packaged foods that look like they're for a person?

You know those cute little cups of ice cream that are just the right size to snack on while catching up with your favorite television show? Jumbo muffins, super-sized bagels and personal pizzas are also misleading, often showing nutrition facts that are for just half or a fourth of the whole product.

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