Not Eating . . But Still Not Losing Weight?

You will never have an empty fork at any meal when you choose a personalized weight loss plan at MRC Grand Junction. Skipping meals and fighting hunger pains doesn't work. The fastest way to shed unwanted pounds and reclaim your good health is to eat real food — healing foods that restore your body's natural balance. Our weight loss consultants will meet with you privately to discuss your goals as well as any difficulties you may have had in the past. Then, we're always there for you providing the education, support, encouragement and celebration you need reach your weight loss goals. It's important to celebrate your achievements and here at MRC Grand Junction we love to celebrate. Call or stop by for a free, no obligation consultation.

Metabolic Research Center in Grand Junction

Welcome to MRC Grand Junction. We are located inside Patterson Village Square along Patterson Road. We are right next to Angelo’s Pottery and just a half block East of Mesa Mall. When you walk into our center, you feel like the “life of the party.” You are always welcome here and we are always excited to see you.

At MRC Grand Junction, we are 100% focused on the VISION of our clients’ goals, teaching them to ACHIEVE their goals with the millennia old principles of faith, hope and love:

  • Faith: That they CAN reach their goals, and to NEVER give up.
  • Hope: The techniques we teach keep clients engaged so they never lose hope.
  • Love: LOVE yourself.

We are particularly successful in helping our clients lose fat, which inevitably leads to them shedding the pounds and arriving at their weight loss goals.

Classes and Weekly Events

Nutrition education is important here at MRC Grand Junction; and not just journaling and menus but food education for long-term success. We offer several classes and events throughout the month, including:

  • Connection Series
  • Cooking Classes
  • Exercise Classes
  • Monthly Transitions and Peer Inspiration Classes
  • Weekly Drawings
  • Frequent New Recipes to Give Clients a Wider Variety of Healthy Food Choices

Community Outreach

We participate in numerous charitable and community outreach events in and around Grand Junction throughout the year. Some examples have included:

  • Cancer Walk Benefits
  • ALS Walk Benefits
  • Zumbathons
  • Clothing Swaps/Drives
  • Lunch-n-Learn Wellness Programs at Local Businesses
  • Speaking at Women’s Networking Events

Our Staff

Our incredible staff is continually working to help each client achieve their goals. Our team of health care and weight loss experts has several decades of combined experience in the industry, and we practice what we preach — all our certified trainers and consultants use MRC’s nutritional programs and maintain a body mass index (BMI) of under 20%. In addition, several staff members have had personal success losing weight through MRC with a passion and desire to help others do the same.

Bottom Line: We know what it takes to successfully lose weight, and we will be with you every step of the way on your journey to a better you. Stop in to our center today to get started!


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So much support and excellent advise helped me to stick to the daily regime. I have tried so many times before....I no longer need my diabetic medicine, I have been taken off three of the four high blood pressure meds. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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