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Sure, we’ve all stepped on the bathroom scale multiple times per day. It’s tempting, and it’s rewarding to see the pounds come off. While micro managing your weight can help, it might not be the only answer. 

Individuals who weigh themselves regularly tend to have successful weight loss campaigns. That said, experts suggest only weighing yourself once per week. Why? Well, taking body measurements, judging size differences and noticing energy level improvements are great benchmarks—and these benchmarks are more noticeable when not scrutinized every day.

Weight Fluctuations Happen

Your weight changed every day. It also shifts at different times per day. It’s always recommended to weigh-in around the same time, on the same day, every week. Moreover, it’s important to keep other factors as consistent as possible. For example, weigh yourself after the same meal, in similar clothes, and without shoes.

The idea, here, is to make sure any gained or lost pounds are legitimate. Your scale can only do so much, and it won’t compensate for lifestyle changes throughout the week. Your lifestyle adjustments need a little security, don’t you think?

Importance of Following an Exercise Routine

It’s important to work with professional weight loss consultants, build a custom diet and stay focused on your long-term goals. Big results take big time, and you won’t shed the pounds with a day of exercise. Weighing yourself, in general, is a good idea. Certainly don’t avoid it, either, as those lacking a keen perception of progress are more likely to fumble in the long run.

A scale’s numbers never lie, and weekly weigh-ins can help you make small, daily adjustments. Staying on track requires constant attention, and experts suggest one to two pounds lost, weekly, is a good goal. To create your own personalized weight loss plan, discuss options with Metabolic Research Center. We believe everybody is different, and that everyone deserves a unique approach to wellness and weight loss.


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