How Negative Thinking Hinders Weight Loss

Woman with Negative Thoughts

Weight loss is about far more than eating right and increasing your activity. Your mental state also determines whether you succeed or fail. In fact, if you’re struggling to achieve your goals, the real problem may be negative thinking. Some of the negative thoughts that may hold you back from weight loss success include:

  • You put yourself down – Feeling ashamed of your body or the choices you make can keep you from succeeding on your weight loss journey. Learn to treat yourself with kindness. Draw attention to the things you’re doing right instead of focusing on self-criticism.
  • You’re impatient – Impatience is another negative thought that may hinder weight loss. Just because your journey is taking time doesn’t mean you won’t accomplish your goals. Focus on how far you’ve come instead of how far you have to go.
  • You can’t picture your results – If you’ve been struggling with your weight for many years, sometimes it’s tough to picture your results. Work on building confidence in your ability to succeed, and consider using a vision board that helps remind you of the results you want.

What can you do to stop negative thoughts? First, make sure you learn to recognize your negative thoughts. Awareness is an important part of eliminating the problem. When you do catch yourself engaging in negative thinking, use a mental yell of “Stop!” Remind yourself that negative thoughts are a barrier to your weight loss success. It’s also important to work on developing positive thinking. Consider coming up with positive affirmations that you can repeat when you notice negative thinking.

If you change your thoughts, you’ll find it easier to get your weight loss efforts back on track. Personal support and encouragement can also help you overcome negative thinking. Consider consulting with a weight loss coach, dietitian, or nutritionist to work on shifting your negative thoughts to positive ones that will help you achieve your goals.


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