How Losing Weight is Mind Over Matter

Woman Not Mindful of Meal

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply think yourself thin? Of course, that's impossible. Making the right nutritional choices, exercising and getting adequate rest all are key factors. But new research shows that the way you think does play a major role in weight loss success.

According to a recent study by psychologist Eric Robinson, being mindful of your meals goes a long way in helping you to curb overeating. The study involved two groups of obese women who were asked to eat a ham sandwich. One ate while listening to a short audio clip instructing them to fully focus on the experience of the meal, taking note of the way it looked, smelled and tasted. The other group enjoyed their sandwiches with, of all things, the sound of a cuckoo's calls playing in the background.

Later, both groups of women were asked to describe the meal with as much detail as they could. As you may have guessed, it was the first group of women who were best able to recall the meal. So why is that important? Because those group-one women also felt more satisfied and snacked less throughout the remainder of the day than the second group.

Robinson's experiment and several similar studies suggest that simply being more mindful of your meals can help you reach your weight loss goals - and the weight loss counselors at your nearest Metabolic Research Center location can help you do just that. Call 800-501-8090 to schedule a consultation today.



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