You Can Have Your Coffee and Drink It Too!

Woman Drinking Cup of Coffee Outside

A longstanding debate exists concerning whether or not coffee is helpful or harmful – with or without the extras added to it. However, the consensus is that it can be beneficial in moderation.

Coffee itself usually is not the number one concern. After all, it does have magnesium, chromium and insulin in it. Therefore, a regulated amount of it containing no more than 300mg of caffeine per day can control blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes. Furthermore, it is said to have antioxidants in it that may fight off cancer cells. Concerning this, however, a debate exists as to whether or not caffeine in coffee is the component responsible for providing these health benefits.

Some years ago, experts believed that caffeine is the component required for providing antioxidants in people. However, some studies conducted revealed that people might acquire some of the same benefits from drinking decaffeinated coffee as when consuming the caffeinated beverage. However, the risk to consumers is not just the coffee but also the ingredients added to it.

Although modern-day dieting does not necessarily require counting calories, sugars, and fat, coffee drinkers are encouraged to consider portion size. Drinking a maximum of two to three 8-ounce cups of this beverage per day is recommended. Furthermore, it is important for people to remember the amount of sugar, cream and other ingredients added to it.

For instance, a scoop of table sugar has about 49 calories, and a serving (approximately 1 teaspoon) has about 52 calories. Half-and-half has about 20 calories per teaspoon, and fat-free milk only has about 5 calories. Moderating these ingredients as well as sugary syrups and toppings is highly advised.


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