Understanding How Metabolism Impacts Weight Loss

Metabolic Burn at Gym

Sure, your metabolism is responsible for weight regulation, but your metabolism’s bodily duty deserves some understanding. The human body has many functions, and its weight regulation serves a variety of needs to remain healthy. Each basic function remains relatively consistent, and these functions aren’t easily changed. Before beginning your program, getting a grasp of your metabolism’s “work schedule” is a good idea.

How Your Metabolism Works:

It’s relatively rare for a metabolism to cause excessive weight gain. Of course, medical problems do exist, and they can slow one’s metabolism to a near standstill. Cushing’s syndrome, under-active thyroid glands and other medical problems can inhibit metabolism processes, cause progressive weight gain as well as a variety of health issues.

For most, however, burning calories requires a stable diet, and it involves several chemical reactions used to create the body’s “fuel”. These metabolic reactions create the body’s energy, and they help us think, move and grow. The body undergoes thousands of metabolic reactions, and each protects and sustains the body.

The Processes

Your metabolism’s catabolism is its “breakdown” process. It produces energy from carbohydrates, releasing fuel energy and creating body heat and power. As your body converts complex chemicals into simple substances, your body’s natural processes release waste.

Meanwhile, your metabolism’s anabolism builds and stores growth building blocks. It assists cellular growth, maintains body tissue, stores energy and creates your body’s future.

Metabolic Rate and Weight Loss

Weight loss requires a higher calorie expense than intake. Your daily caloric intake should be less than the amount of calories your body consumes to create more energy. Overall, your exercise, diet and rest determine your “in versus out” calorie count. Energy expenditure is continuous, though its rate varies throughout the day. By balancing your caloric intake, you can maximize your metabolism’s natural processes - thereby losing weight efficiently, safely and consistently.


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