Make the New Year Special with a Wise Food Plan


Holiday parties are often fun, but they can be a source of trouble for even the most strong-willed dieters. You might want to “take heed” lest you fall into temptation despite your good intentions.

One of the biggest problems is that people might not even realize how many calories a certain food item is. The same is true with various kinds of beverages, including alcoholic ones. Even soups, especially cream-based ones can be high in calories, fat and other substances that are “bad” for you. Likewise, many cocktails contain too much sugar or are milk-based, so they are high in calories as well. Just a little bit of awareness and preparations before attending your “big nights out” will benefit you.

Be Prepared for the New Year

For instance, you can prepare for the New Year by resolving to do the following before, during and after parties:

  • Offer to bring fresh fruits and vegetable trays or other healthy snacks.
  • Start out with eating soups, salads, pickles and other low-calorie foods first.
  • Place smaller portions of party foods on your plates, and perhaps share desserts.
  • If you are a party host, make all sugary treats bite-sized.
  • Fill up on high-fiber foods before you attend an event.
  • Socialize far enough away from the food to discourage nibbling while engaging.

You also will want to chew your food slower and savor each bite. Your stomach will also feel fuller when you process each item for longer periods in your mouth before swallowing. Moreover, you are advised to drink as much unsweetened sparkling or regular water as you can during bites.


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