Going to the Movies and Already Craving Popcorn?

Eating Popcorn at the Movies

Two of the biggest problems that face people who are trying to lose weight is learning how to control emotional eating and habitual eating patterns.

Habitual Eating

Habitual eating is just as destructive as emotional eating. There are many situations where we have trained ourselves to eat. Going to the movies is a good example. As soon as you decide to go to the movies, you begin to think of the popcorn, cotton candy and sodas that are waiting for you when you get there. The hardest part is breaking the association between the movies and the foods you find there. You don't have to buy what is offered. Instead eat before you go to the movie. If you can't resist movie food, rent a movie and watch it at home.

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating normally revolves around comfort foods. The easiest way to control emotional eating is to identify the foods you normally go for when you are upset. Eat them in moderation or find healthy replacements that offer the same type of "comfort" as their unhealthy counterpart. Emotional eating occurs when a person experiences high levels of stress and turns to food to make themselves feel better. Learning to use other methods like exercise to cope with their stress will help them to control their eating habits.

Avoid the "Taboo Foods" List

Denying yourself certain foods only makes you crave them more. Making a list of "taboo" foods can sabotage you faster than a walk through the candy aisle at the grocery store. Instead of denying yourself a certain food, eat it in small amounts. Enjoy yourself. As long as you don't go overboard and make up for the extra calories with a little extra exercise, you don't have to worry about avoiding anything.


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