Caffeine, Bad Habits and Weaning Yourself from Sodas

Lady Drinking a Soda

Good strategies designed to help one quit drinking sodas are often very successful. Which is good, since most people don't do well with quitting sodas cold-turkey. So employing one or more strategies to aid the process can really make living without soft drinks a lot easier.

One such strategy involves "caffeine". For people who are having a particularly difficult time kicking the soda habit, caffeine may lie at the root of the cause.  Studies have shown that simply switching to a caffeine-free version of your favorite soda can reduce cravings, simply because there is no caffeine there to crave. A recent study concluded that even though there was no taste difference, the test group that got caffeine-loaded drinks drank 53% more. Many addictions have multiple habit triggers, and soda is no exception. Regular caffeine makes the body crave it more, and caffeinated sodas are no exception.

Another thing to watch for is situational habit triggers. Sometimes a specific time or place can trigger the craving for soda. If the office soda machine looks alluring at 3pm, avoid it at that time in particular, and it may help reduce consumption.  Instead, pack a water or other healthy beverage so it is unnecessary to roam the break room.  Certain foods can also trigger a craving for soda, and if this is the case, choose a restaurant that has other options, such as unsweetened tea or water.

The last strategy is to simply reduce the amount of soda periodically over time, so that mind and body get used to the idea.  Stepping from multiple sodas per day to a one bottle or glass is a good, and after a couple of weeks, it will be easier to reducing soda consumption until sodas are a thing of the past. So, consider breaking your habit with baby steps that have been proven to work.


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