Are Soy Products Really Heart Healthy?

Tofu with Parsley Leaf

For years soy products have been known to have many health benefits. They have an abundance of plant based proteins that help the body stay toned and fit. They are full of phytoestrogens that help regulate both the metabolism and the reproductive systems. Although the evidence isn't incredibly strong, the FDA claims that cardiovascular health may be improved if 25 grams of soy protein is added to a person's diet each day.

Studies have shown that soy protein may be able to lower bad cholesterol in the blood stream by up to 3 percent. While this is not a large amount, it can help produce positive results, especially when it is combined with other positive lifestyle changes. When a person begins to exercise and eat healthier foods, the body begins to function more efficiently. The person's metabolism also begins to change.

Nutrients derived from plants are believed to offer substantial benefits when compared to that of nutrients from animal sources. The human body can easily break down soy proteins and utilize then in several different ways. Because soy protein is plant based, it does not include any form of cholesterol. Instead it has an abundance of both fiber and omega-3's that are essential to good heart health.

Fiber helps to remove fat molecules that build up in the blood stream. Omega-3's also work to rid the body of unnecessary fat and helps to eliminate wastes that can cause arteries to clog with plaque. Soy products provide all of the components needed to help the body fight heart disease. Even though the effects may be minimal compared to other foods, when combined with other aspects of a healthy lifestyle the benefits they offer play a significant role.


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