Are Your Kids Eating Too Much Beige?

Young Chef with Lots of Veggies

Everyone's kids tend to prefer the beige foods. So if your kids are eating too much beige in their diet, you are not alone. Here is an interesting twist on kids and food choice.

Is there an argument at your dinner table over what your kids like and what they don't? If so, borrow a page from Korean culture. The Koreans base every meal on color, not food. So every dish has red, yellow, white, green, and blue colors. This is not because Koreans are festive, although they are festive. It is because each they understand that each color group of foods offers something unique in terms of nutrition, but together they offer a complete nutritional intake.

What this means for parents is that you no longer have to argue with your kids over why they need to eat their broccoli. Instead, you can encourage them to eat green foods that they do like rather than green foods that they do not like. A good example is the color red. If they don't like tomatoes, offer them red peppers, kidney beans, strawberries, or watermelon.

Just replace any substitution with something of the same color. How many green vegetables are there? A ton. You have choices, so they have choices; and in the mix of things, there is less arguing and more eating. Nutrition for kids is just about balancing their options. To cut down on how much beige food they eat, offer them fewer choices of lesser volume.

A good tip to get kids to eat their vegetables is to let them grow them. Start them off with a small container garden and let them pick what grows there. They will get excited about growing, picking and eating foods they love. For more outstanding tips like this one, visit the Metabolic Research Center where food, nutrition and weight loss is our way of life.


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