5 Reasons to Keep a Food Journal

I know, I know…keeping a food journal can feel tedious and tiresome at times. In fact, it can feel like downright work. But, what if I told you that clients who keep a food journal lose more weight? Would it be worth it then? Of course!

Here are five great reasons why keeping a food journal will help you lose more weight:

  1. One of the most important commitments for a food journal is, “If you bite it, you write it!” Writing down literally everything that touches your lips creates an awareness that will help keep you on track for your weight loss goal. We live in a world where food is everywhere and many of us aren’t even aware of the frequent, “taste” or “bite”—whether it’s taking a free sample at Costco or taking a bite of your child’s after school snack while you are making it. These little bites, licks and tastes (aka BLTs) can set you back.
  2. Consistently keeping a record of what you are eating can naturally lead you to pre-plan your meals and thus be more prepared. Pre-planning is a huge key to success in weight loss. Think about the age old adage, preparation is the key to success. Getting your brain in the habit of taking note and writing down what you’re eating will most likely result in a natural predisposition to thinking about your next meal which will lead to pre-planning.
  3. We all have “triggers,” that can cause us to go off track. For some people, it’s stress. For others, a busy schedule. By keeping an accurate and complete food journal you can begin to see patterns about your eating behaviors and what things create the most challenges for your weight loss journey. As you identify those triggers, you will be increasingly prepared to overcome those obstacles in the future.
  4. Being able to share a complete food journal provides your weight loss coaches with the key information they need to give you the best support and guidance. This especially comes in handy if there comes a time we want to accelerate your weight loss or it slows at all. Your weight loss team will use your food journal as a map to determine where turns were made, where detours can be taken and where you are encountering obstacles so that we can get your to your destination (your goal weight!) as fast as possible.
  5. Keeping a food journal through your weight loss journey will also help you keep it off! By keeping a food journal and a record of your weight as your go through your journey will allow you to identify to which foods your body is sensitive. You may notice that you tend to lose less weight when you choose a potato as your starch instead of a side of brown rice, telling you that your body is sensitive to starches. This type of observation can help you to avoid or limit certain foods once you get to your goal weight so that you can KEEP IT OFF with ease!

So, make it easy on yourself and keep a food journal!


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