Willpower May Not Be The Answer To Losing Weight

Man Mustering Willpower for Weight Loss

Many people who try to lose weight and fail will often times blame themselves for not having enough will power. They do everything right when it comes to exercising regularly, eating smaller portions, counting calories and eliminating poor food choices, but they still cannot lose weight. In these situations, willpower may not be the problem. Some people have underlying health problems that can actually prevent them from losing weight effectively.

Depression, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and other health conditions can affect the way the body functions. They can effectively lower the body's metabolic processes so that calories are not burnt as they should be. Eating disorders can also disrupt metabolic processes that affect both weight loss and weight gain. Certain medications can also cause reactions in the body that cause the body to store fat. In most cases, it is a combination of all of these factors that cause the body to rebel against itself.

Having willpower is extremely beneficial, but when the body begins to have a mind of its own, it can lead to frustration. If you have tried everything and nothing has worked, you may want to seek the advice of your physician. Having a complete physical can uncover health problems that may have been undermining your weight loss efforts. Making positive lifestyle changes and improving your diet are only part of the equation.


NOTE: If you have health issues that prevent you from losing weight or improving your general health as a whole, you should seek answers from your doctor or registered dietitian. Correcting any unknown health issues will not only help you improve your health, it will allow you to effectively harness your willpower and use it to your advantage.


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