Optimizing Your Junk Food Detector

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Do you read labels looking for healthy snacks? Labels on food products can be deceiving. For example, organic does not necessarily mean that the product is made from organic products. It may contain organic products and a bunch of other stuff too. The same is true of products with healthy labels. Products may contain some healthy food, but the label may not specifically point out that the product is also high in fat, sugar, or salt. For that information, you'd have to read the back label. 

The Healthy Snack Attack

Healthy foods are not necessarily foods from out of a box or a vending machine. Even some dried fruit, such as specific brands of raisins have added sugar. Do we need more sugar? Fruit juice is another place where added sugar is often masked by the fact that its fruit juice and supposedly healthy. It is not healthy if it is loaded with sugar. Sugar consumption is a key ingredient in the development of diabetes. 

Good Snacks are more than Just Carrot Sticks

Good snacks are natural. They contain no added sugar, salt, and are naturally low fat or fat-free. Instead of drinking fruit juice, drink water. If you want fruit, eat the real thing. Peel an orange, apple, or enjoy a handful of berries. Healthy snacks do not have to consist of just carrot sticks and celery. There is a ton of options out there for people who want to avoid junk food and find a healthy low-fat alternative. 

If you would like more information about how to spot healthy snacks while avoiding those "supposedly" healthy snacks, then just visit the Metabolic Research Center. Here you have access to award winning menus that help you develop healthy eating habits. There is also support for those of you who want to focus on healthy eating. Stop by and discover all of the good foods that make healthy eating a wonderful lifestyle


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