Kitchen Hacks for Weight Loss

Looking Into a Clean Refrigerator

Having trouble losing weight? Your kitchen may be to blame, says Brian Wansink, director of Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab and author of a new book, Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life.

"It's easier to become slim by design than slim by willpower," says Wansink, who has studied eating behavior of Americans for 25 years. "Slim by design is forever; slim by willpower can be wimpy and has to last a lifetime."

His research shows that slimming down may be as simple as rearranging your kitchen. Here are five top recommendations.

  1. Rearrange your pantry, refrigerator and cupboards, moving healthier foods forward to more visible spots and pushing less healthy options into the less accessible, less visible spots. One study showed that participants who moved fruits and vegetables from refrigerator crisper bins to top shelves and less healthy foods into the crispers reported eating three times more fruits and vegetables after a week than they had eaten in the week prior. Another study showed that women who kept even one box of cereal in plain view, such as on a counter top, weighed an average 21 pounds heavier than those who kept foods hidden away.
  2. Clear the clutter from your kitchen. Wansink's research revealed that cluttered kitchens prompted people to eat 44 percent more of their snack food than did clean, organized, decluttered kitchens.
  3. Make your kitchen a lounge-free zone. The more time you spend in your kitchen, the more you'll eat. To avoid this, clear your kitchen of comfortable chairs, television sets, computers and other items that tempt you to linger.
  4. Serve food straight from the stovetop or countertop. This can help you eat 19 percent less food than when it's served on the table. Both the lounging factor and the fact that table-served food is within reach contributed to the overeating.
  5. Move smaller serving bowls and spoons to more easily reachable spots and use them. In one study, participants ate 54 more ice cream from bigger bowls and spoons than they did when eating from smaller ones. In another involving elementary school-age campers, kids ate 42 percent more cereal from a 24-ounce cereal bowl than they did from a 12-ounce bowl.

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