A Guilt Free Approach to Holiday Meals

Decorations on a Holiday Table

 The holidays are upon us and that means travel, family, friends, and food. Between office holiday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's, there are plenty of excess calories to go around. However, there is one simple word to keep in mind that will help you stay on track during the delicious days ahead, "Moderation."

At Metabolic Research Center, we don't believe in fad diets, an exclusion of real food or counting calories. A moderate approach to healthy eating is one of the keys to our proven weight loss system. Moderation is one of the best ways to handle holiday eating. Here are some quick tips to help you keep the pounds off for a truly Happy Holiday.


Holiday Meals: Though the holidays are about tradition and family, the number one focus for many people is the "Holiday Meal." And, if you celebrate like most, you'll undoubtedly find yourself at a table loaded with delicious food. Remember, just because you are on a weight loss program doesn't mean you have to deny yourself a place at the table. The key here is portion control. Start with a smaller plate, add some real food and take a smaller serving of what you want. Once it's gone, wait a few minutes before getting more. You will most likely find that you're already full and can skip the second helping and move on to a light desert.

Holiday Parties: Bite-size snacks abound at office parties. Your key to navigating the flood of appetizers is to be mindful of what you're eating, and don't "mindlessly eat." During a conversation with co-workers and friends, it is easy to get carried away and over-indulge on snacks without realizing it. If there is an open bar, definitely stay mindful of the number of cocktails you have. This is good for a number of reasons, including facing your co-workers Monday morning.

The tips mentioned above will work for all of your celebrations. For help with planning delicious Holiday meals and snacks that won't ruin your efforts to lose weight, visit the Weight Loss Recipes section of our website. Our staff and clients have provided many of their most popular dishes. Your friends and family will never know they are eating healthy and your new recipes are certain to be a hit.


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