The Role of Fiber in Restoring Good Health

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While medical science cannot explain all that there is to know about fiber and how it works, the fact is that fiber is an essential part of any person's diet. It keeps the intestines in good working order, increases feelings of health and well-being, promotes weight loss and lowers cholesterol levels. Following is an overview of the two main types of fiber and what they do.

Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber protects the heart and controls cholesterol levels. It also keeps blood sugar levels stable, making it a must-have nutrient for those who suffer from diabetes. Furthermore, soluble fiber promotes weight loss because it leaves you feeling full after eating. Soluble fiber can typically be found in legumes, oatmeal, barley, nuts, citrus fruits and Brussels sprouts.

Insoluble Fiber

Insoluble fiber helps keep your digestive track working properly. It also helps you feel full after eating. It can be found in fruit, vegetables, beans and whole grain products such as brown rice, whole wheat bread and oats.

The recommended daily amount of fiber is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. This means that you will want to eat at least this much fiber, not that you should limit yourself to the above amounts. The fact is that most people do not get enough fiber in their diets and thus fail to obtain the benefits that this nutrient can offer.

If you are serious about losing weight, make sure your meals and snacks are rich in fiber. Most fiber-rich foods contain both types of fiber, so you don't have to worry about getting enough of each type if you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods and beans on a regular basis. 


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