Motivation: The Biggest Fib of Fitness

Fairy with a Magical Wand

There is no magical faerie that comes and bestows motivation.  Lifestyle changes (both dietary and fitness) are skills.  Skills that require practice, and experimentation, and building a breadth of knowledge.  Understanding that motivation is not the key to fitness and dietary change can really help people succeed.  Understanding that having the knowledge to be fitter, stronger, and more flexible, to shop, cook, and eat foods that are fresher and more healthful, is kind of the whole point to this journey.  It's part habit, part learning and part hanging in there.

That being said, getting one's foot in the door of the process isn't all that easy.  Truthfully, it all starts with mindset.  You will hear the words “fixed” mindset and “growth” mindset bandied about.  Fixed mindsets believe that your native skill, your talent, determines all of your success.  They believe that people who fail have flawed characters, whether it be self-control or intellect.

Growth mindsets involve improving existing skill sets.  Simply stated.. learning results in eventual success.  Some things, like learning to use a fork for the first time, or learning to skateboard, are almost universally seen as growth types.  No one thinks that failing at first means there is anything wrong, it's just a skill that needs to be developed.  Other things, particularly for adults, are commonly seen through fixed mindsets. Fitness is one of those things.

Problem is, using willpower, a fixed mindset concept, is not an infinite resource.  Giving oneself a break and learning that soda, or cheese dip, or chips in the house are temptations that should not come home with the groceries, or that a morning workout is much better than the after-work time for you.. is a skill.

Mindset is absolutely the key — the first step in the learning process for a healthy lifestyle. At the Metabolic Research Center, we provide the knowledge and encouragement that you need to succeed. Get Started today and find out how easy it is to make healthy living a habit.


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