Should I Work Out Today?

Infographic Excuses for Skipping Workout

It's raining... It's too hot outside... My favorite yoga pants are still in the laundry pile... Excuses for skipping a workout are never in short supply. Check out this hilarious infographic to help you decide whether today is a great opportunity or a lousy day to exercise.

There are tons of reasons why to people don't get started or stay on schedule, but daily activity is a must for maintaining good health even for those with limited mobility. Plus no matter your age, there are numerous workout routines that can be adapted to meet your specific needs. For a truly natural approach, try playing with the kids or working in the yard for an hour. Just commit an hour a day to a favorite physical activity.

Once you've had a good laugh, call the nearest Metabolic Research Center for guidance and a bit of inspiration in achieving and maintaining your weight loss and health goals. At MRC, we make it fun and teach you how to celebrate your accomplishments. You can reach us at 800-501-8090. 


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So much support and excellent advise helped me to stick to the daily regime. I have tried so many times before....I no longer need my diabetic medicine, I have been taken off three of the four high blood pressure meds. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Pam Anderson-Garnes

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