Tips for Healthy Tailgating

Don't get sacked by tailgating junk food, follow these simple steps to eat right.Football season is upon us. It's time to don your favorite team colors and get ready for some tailgating. Of course, that can be tough when you're trying to lose weight. No worries - Metabolic Research Center offers five surefire tips for winning your weight loss game while enjoying the game.


  1. Play it up potluck style: Don't count on friends to bring healthy options to the usual tailgating fare. Plan ahead and cook up a few low-calorie, low-fat favorites of your own.
  2. Move: Just because it's a tailgate doesn't mean you need to plant your tail on it and sit still. Walk around to with friends scattered throughout the stadium area and engage in a little friendly heckling of the opposing team's tailgaters. You'll get a bit of exercise and be less likely to snack mindlessly.
  3. Go bunless: Hotdogs and hamburgers are tailgating staples. Sprinkle a few spices and enjoy that protein minus the extra carbs.
  4. Slow your roll on the drinks: Beer, cocktails and syrupy carbonated drinks are always on tap at tailgating parties. And, they pack more calories than you'd think. Plus, many pack a double wallop with sugar and salt. Opt for a tall, cool water or juice instead.


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