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Every week there is a new magic ingredient from some exotic fruit or hidden spring of water. It might be shocking, but there are only so many vitamins and minerals available. There are only so many amino acids, peptides, and long chain fatty acids. The good news is that all of those nutrients are already present in the food that is available to us. We simply need to eat real food and a balanced diet. The Koreans use a color guide to balance their diet. Each meals has foods from a specific color group - White, red, purple, green, and yellow. By including those colors in every meal their diet is balanced and they receive the best nutrients. For example:

  • Breakfast — Yogurt (white,) blueberries (purple,) Strawberries (red,) a poached egg (yellow and white,) Green bell pepper with the egg.
  • Lunch — Steamed greens with yellow and red bell peppers , brown rice (white,) and blackberries (purple) for a snack. Maybe add chicken (white,) Beef (red,) or Salmon (red,) or Halibut (white,) to your lunch.
  • Dinner — Spinach quiche (green and yellow) with eggs. Add carrots, chicken, purple cabbage, and red peppers to round out the meal. For dessert, blackberry sorbet.

It is easy to eat a balanced diet simply by paying attention to the colors of the foods you choose. However, losing weight goes beyond the color of your foods. It also involves portion size and proper supplementation to match our body's needs. There are many ways to determine portion size and one of the easiest is the "Plate method." It works by dividing your plate into five portions - 25 percent is protein, 25 percent is starch, 50 percent is a mixture of fruit and vegetables and on the side you get a portion of dairy. There is not really anything to measure and the portions are not heaped. Aim to keep your portions below the rim of your plate and you are good.

Real food is what we were meant to eat. Pick the freshest foods possible as they contain more nutrients. Think low fat, low salt, low sugar and your body will do the rest. To learn more about how to lose weight naturally without all the magic, just stop by the Metabolic Research Center where you will find a ton of support, literature, and programs that work with you and your lifestyle.


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