Essential Foods for Good Bone Health

Sockeye Salmon for Good Bones

When you’re trying hard to lose weight, it’s easy to get wrapped up in fad diets or in obsessive calorie counting. The problem with these methods is that it often results in failing to keep track of your health and wellness. You may not be keeping your body at its peak health if you’re only paying attention to calories or following an extreme fad diet.

Good bones are essential for your health and wellness, and it’s essential to keep your bones health if you want to keep your immune system functioning well. Research shows that overexerting the immune system regularly can result in increased fat storage, muscle wasting, and bone loss. These are all things you want to avoid when you’re working to lose weight. Also, after you hit age 35, bone loss begins to occur naturally if you don’t work to slow or prevent this process.

When most people think of bone health, they think about calcium and vitamin D. These nutrients are vital to the health of your bones, but you need other specific nutrients to keep bones healthy as well.

Magnesium is an important nutrient that combines with calcium to build healthy bones, and it’s found in pumpkin seeds, brown rice, oat bran, and artichokes. Potassium is essential for healthy bones, and you can get potassium from foods like milk, raisins, fish, orange juice, and tomatoes. Vitamin K helps the body make the scaffolding of the bones, and you can get this vitamin from Brussels sprouts, spinach, and broccoli. Fluoride, phosphorous, protein, and vitamin B12 are also essential to good bone health.

Make sure you’re taking measures to protect your bone health now. Focus on a healthy diet that includes essential nutrients and get plenty of exercise for healthy bones.


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