How To Grill Tofu For Great Flavor

Grilled Tofu Slices

When people think of meat substitutes, tofu is normally the first item on their list. Contrary to what most people believe, tofu can be extremely flavorful, is rich in nutrition and can stand on its own as one of the healthiest foods around. It can be grilled, broiled and fried just like meat and offers more nutrition per ounce than most meats. Once a person masters the art of grilling tofu, it will more than likely make it onto the menu more frequently. The following tips will help when grilling tofu.

Firm Is Better

Always choose a firm tofu when cooking on the grill. Softer textures will not stick together and can be lost if the grill isn't covered with foil or metal pan. Firm tofu can be sliced or it can be cubed and used in shish-ka-bobs. Firm types of tofu will hold together much like a piece of meat and can be eaten in much the same way.

Press and Dry

Tofu is generally moist. If grilling is the cooking method to be used. The tofu should be slightly pressed and dried before use. Place tofu between two layers of cheese cloth and set a heavy dish or pan on top. Leave set for 30 minutes to two hours. The longer the time, the better the tofu dish will turn out.

Thick Slices

The thicker the slice of tofu, the less likely it will break or crack when it is being grilled. Once it has been cut into whatever shape or form desired, marinate and cook. Thick slices may take a little longer on the grill to cook all the way through, but when a low heat it is used it will grill easily without burning or charring.

So, season to taste and grill tofu just like any favorite cut of meat.



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