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When you eat certain foods is just as important as is the kind of nutrients you consume. Just making some small dieting adjustments can improve your weight-loss results.

For instance, some yogurt with fruit or some oatmeal in the morning would benefit you than would a couple of donuts. First of all, the strawberries, bananas or other foods you consume would have natural sugars in them versus processed sugars found in most pastries. Oatmeal, bran or other whole grain provides you with a healthy source of fiber. Moreover, the yogurt is both a source of calcium and protein and provides the satiety you need to help you feel full.

Eat Your Largest Meal at Lunch

Data from recent food studies recommend you eat your largest meal during the middle of the day. Ideally, this meal would include a healthy source of lean meat or perhaps a meat substitute such as beans or avocados and nuts. Along with that, a salad (or fresh vegetables with dip) is recommended. Maybe a piece of whole-grain bread along with your meal would help you feel full. If you are going to eat one meal that is larger than the rest, lunchtime is the time.

Concerning the decision to eat your largest meal at midday, you are more likely to lose the most weight when you do. For losing or managing your weight, researchers suggest a mealtime before 3 pm. This, along with making sure you start your day off with a healthy breakfast, will help you boost your metabolism.

Fiber at Dinner Can Help You Sleep

For dinner, eating as many high-fiber foods as possible is recommended. This helps keep you regular and encourages elimination of waste before you retire for the night. Also, be sure to eat less saturate fats and sweets during this time. Moreover, eating a high-fiber dinner will help you build up your immune system and will result in a better night’s sleep for you.


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