Balance Your Hormones to Keep Weight Off

Chart for Control of Food Intake

Everyone's weight loss journey is different. This is why a diet may work immediately for one person and take six months for another to shed a few ounces. Part of this is because of your metabolism. Each person has a different metabolic rate that is based on their weight, level of activity, amount of fatigue, and sleep patterns. Your metabolism is triggered by hormones. In fact, hormones, trigger almost every activity within the human body.

Maintaining proper hormone balance is the key to managing your weight. Thyroid hormones are responsible for many other reactions in the body. People who constantly struggle to lose weight are often diagnosed with an under active thyroid. Thyroid hormones trigger the release of adrenaline and other hormones throughout the body that regulate everything from blood sugar levels to body temperature. Physical activity can improve hormone balance within the body. Exercise causes a variety of chemical reactions in the body that stimulates metabolic function.

There are many things that can be done to help bring hormones back into balance. Exercise of moderate levels of activity is just one positive step toward maintaining a balanced body chemistry and sufficient hormone levels. In addition to regular exercise, it is important that the body gets the nutrients it needs. Including fresh fruits and vegetables, eliminating unnecessary fats and including fiber and protein in sufficient amounts can help tremendously. If you can't get the amount of nutrients you need without consuming an overabundance of calories, you can add a vitamin/mineral supplement to make sure you get sufficient amounts of each nutrient. Proper nutrition, exercise and sufficient amounts of sleep are the key to keeping all aspects of the body in balance, including the hormones.


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