8 Complex Carbs Treats to Help You Trim Fat, Shed Pounds

Sweet Potatoes

Carbohydrates get a bad rap among those working to lose weight. In the case of simple carbs, it's deserved. They offer little to no nutritional value and don't keep you feeling satisfied for long after a meal. Complex carbs, however, are a different story. In fact, they can actually be a great help in your weight loss efforts.

Because it takes your body more time and effort to digest complex carbs, they help keep you feeling fuller longer. They also better stabilize your blood sugar, which helps to prevent those afternoon sweet treat cravings. Both of these factors reduce your risk of high-calorie snacking between meals and of overeating at dinnertime.

Metabolic Research Center recommends these eight great-tasting treats rich in complex carbs:

  1. Whole wheat pasta: With far more nutritional value than white pasta, whole wheat pasta better retains nutrients and fiber when cooked.
  2. Whole wheat breads: They pack far more flavor and nutrients than white breads. Use it for healthy sandwiches or enjoy a slice toasted and topped with a little cottage cheese and fresh fruit.
  3. Quinoa: This grain relative is an energy-boosting superfood that's low in calories and packs a high amount of magnesium, which helps reduce fluid retention and is associated with lower levels of fasting glucose and insulin.
  4. Sweet potatoes:  Rich in vitamins B6, C, and D, too.
  5. Legumes: Options include black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas and lentils. They're best cooked from dry. If you do go the packaged route, read the labels and skip any with added sugar or sodium.
  6. Low fat cottage cheese: Versatile enough to be used as a fresh veggie dip or even a lower-calorie, lower-fat alternative to ricotta cheese in homemade lasagna. It's also packed with protein, vitamin B12, calcium and phosphorous.
  7. Greek yogurt: It's also high in protein and super versatile. Enjoy it with fresh berries, nuts or in a healthy fruit smoothie.
  8. Raisins: It's got a bit of healthy sweetness and can be enjoyed alone or as a topping for fresh fruit mix,yogurt, cereal, oatmeal or quinoa.

For more delicious and healthy nutrition tips and recipes, visit the Metabolic Research Center website. And, for one-on-one guidance in developing and maintaining an effective weight loss plan, call 800-501-8090 and ask to speak with a nutrition and exercise specialist at the MRC location in your area. 


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