The Role of Bacteria and Digestion

Chalk Board Drawing of Digestive System

The human body isn't just your particular collection of cells and DNA. Each us is essentially a microcosm of life, as our body plays host to billions of microscopic bacteria. Now before you freak out and reach for the hand sanitizer just take a deep breath. The majority of the bacteria we carry live within our digestive tract. These colonies consist of billions of individuals and help us process the food we eat. In fact, most of these species have evolved within human beings and cannot exist without us, nor us without them.

Good Bacteria vs. Bad Bacteria

Now it's not all "one big happy family" as there are both good and bad bacteria in our systems. When we get ill the balance usually tips in favor of the bad, exasperating the illness. This is especially true if we take antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. While these do a great job at killing the bad bacteria, they don't discriminate and also kill the good. This is why it is usually recommended to take a probiotic on the opposite cycle of your antibiotic. Meaning if you take an antibiotic every day at 8am, take a probiotic at 8pm to help replenish your "good bacteria" colonies. These bacteria are essential in your system and promote good health, nutrient absorption, and can help you get over your illness faster.

Should You Take a Probiotic Daily?

The question often comes up of whether or not it is a good idea to take a probiotic daily. Many have found that daily use can: prevent yeast infections, reduce bowel irritation, lead to better oral health, improve your urinary health, and even aid in weight loss. So far no negative side effects have been found from having "too many" good bacteria. Getting a daily dose of these is fairly simple as they're available over-the-counter. If you go with the supplement option, opt for the live refrigerated bacteria as these will be more beneficial. You can also eat foods which naturally have good bacteria in them, such as yogurt or fermented foods like pickles or kimchi.

By adding more healthy bacteria to your system, you can have a more comfortable and healthy weight loss experience, especially if you're trying new foods for the first time. To get started on your weight loss journey now, contact the Metabolic Research Center. We offer Real Choices for the Real You.


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