Great Holiday Gifts for Added Weight Loss Motivation

Woman Stretching a Workout Towel

The holiday season is a great time to motivate yourself, a family member or friend to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine in order to lose weight. After all, showing support and encouragement during the Holidays is a special gift in its own. Here are three great gift ideas that provide an incentive to shed unwanted pounds and get in shape.


TowelMate is an extremely versatile fitness towel. You can not only use it to dry off after a swim or a shower but also keep your keys, wallet, phone and/or other important items inside the towel's handy zippered pocket. Additionally, TowelMate comes with a built-in germ shield.


Spire Stress Tracker

Stress is extremely bad for weight loss. It causes you to burn fewer calories than normal, releases a hormone that makes you crave junk food and even messes up your metabolism. Thankfully, you can help yourself or someone else combat stress with the Spire Stress Tracker. This handy device monitors your breathing and vibrates when you breathe irregularly or in a stressed manner.

Bento Lunch Box

The Bento Lunch Box offers separate compartments so you can take various snacks or dishes to work without worrying about your food getting mixed together while you travel. Being able to bring lunch or snacks to work instead of buying food items out makes it much easier to eat healthy food throughout the day than it would have been otherwise.

These are just some of the many weight-loss gift ideas you can take advantage of. Alternatively, you may want to consider giving someone (or yourself) membership in the Metabolic Research Center program. We specialize in helping people create personalized diet plans to facilitate permanent weight loss and offer ongoing encouragement and counsel to those who are struggling to get back in shape.


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