Why a Good Hike Beats the Gym

Couple on a Hike

Walking or running on a treadmill during winter is a good way to get in a workout even when it's miserable outdoors. When the weather is nice, why not change up the pace and move your workout outdoors? Here are four reasons that a good hike beats the gym anytime.

  1. Hiking offers a change of pace. When you are on the treadmill or walking an indoor track, your routine doesn't have much variety. When hiking outdoors, the variations in terrain offer an additional challenge, strengthen your core, and really beef up your workout.
  2. Nature stimulates the senses and clears the mind. We spend a lot of time indoors with artificial light, climate control, and insulated from the beautiful sounds of nature. When we go out for a hike, we are exposed to the sights, smells, and sounds of the natural environment which can clear our minds and help us think more clearly.
  3. Hiking is a chance to bond with your family. Going to the gym is a solitary activity. Most people put on headphones, tune in to their favorite jams, and tune out the rest of the world. Taking your significant other or your little ones on a hike gives you an opportunity to explore nature together.
  4. Hiking is a chance to be alone with your thoughts. Sometimes you just need to be alone. A gym is typically packed with people and hardly the kind of place where you can get away from others. A solitary hike in a wooded park can heighten your senses, increase brain function, and help you solve the world's problems in less than an hour.

Any kind of physical activity can help you fight disease and lose weight, but hiking offers special heart, mind, and spirit boosting benefits.


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