Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?

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There exists a great deal of confusion regarding fat and how much of it we all need. The research will continue to grow, but until then, here is one thing we know about weight loss- when you are not eating enough, your body feels stressed and what can that do? Lead to more weight gain.

When we eat too little with large spaces between our meals our insulin and cortisol levels respond assuming we are undergoing stress. As a result we tend to store more adipose tissues to "protect" us.

Here is how you can get enough of the fat you need to help maintain healthy weight loss:

Are you getting enough lean protein in your diet? When we consume larger amounts of lean protein we increase our metabolic chances of eliminating unwanted adipose tissue. We provide fuel for the body. Eating lean protein also helps curb those carb cravings many of us are all too familiar with. When we eat more protein we lose weight while maintaining muscle mass, a key to long term health.

Food combinations make a huge difference in the ways we metabolically deal with incoming nutrients. As a general rule, combining those lean proteins with certain vegetables and fruits helps us maintain weight because of their nutrient and enzyme levels. The enzymes contained in many fruits such as citrus and tropical fruits helps to break down certain fats allowing us to absorb the nutrients we need while helping us eliminate the fat components that we do not.

At Metabolic Research Center we understand that the right amounts of nutrients differ from person to person. We encourage you to start a program with us to help you reach your personal goals for weight management.


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