Why Squeeze Tofu Before Cooking It

Beautiful Dish with Squeezed Tofu

The fact that tofu has a subtle flavor means that it can easily be used in a variety of dishes. It can be fried, grilled, marinated, thrown into a soup or added to a sandwich or salad. However, if you want tofu to taste good when you cook it, in most cases you will need to squeeze it or press it.

Tofu is soaked in water and then packed in water before it is sold on the market. While there is nothing wrong with the water, water-soaked tofu will not absorb the spices or sauces you add to your food. The result is a dish with a bland taste or, in the case of those who try to fry water-logged tofu, hot oil shooting up from the frying pan.

There are tofu presses on the market that will automatically squeeze out the tofu for you; however, you can easily remove water from tofu without buying yet another kitchen appliance. Put an absorbent paper towel on a cutting board, place the tofu on the towel and then put another absorbent towel on top. Press down with a plate and the water will come out.

Naturally, tofu does not have the same enticing smell and taste as a piece of steak or a few slices of bacon. Nonetheless, it is a low-fat, cholesterol free, protein rich food that offers a host of great nutrients. If you want to improve your diet in order to lose weight, replacing fatty sources of protein tofu with can be a good idea. It is not hard to remove water from tofu and you can then experiment with various tofu recipes to see which ones you like best.


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